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Day 1: Monday 15 November

8.30 Cesar´s Director: Opening speech: Welcome – Presenting Cesar

8.45 Conference Chair: The Department´s research – introduction to the symposium

9.00 Keynote speaker: Professor Richard Barth, USA
"How Do We Know if We are Responding to Child Abuse Equitably and Effectively?"

9.45 Commentator: Professor Carolina Överlien, Stockholms universitet
"Children och young people's voices on parents and professional's responses to violence and abuse - is it fair, reasonably and effective?"


10.45 Keynote speaker: Professor Karen Healy, AUS 
"Recognising birth families as partners in child protection: A family inclusion approach."

11.30 Commentator: Professor Maria Eriksson, Ersta Sköndal Bräcke högskola       
"Vulnerable children and their families: Contexts, inequalities and rights as challenges for practice"      

 LUNCH 12.15-13.30

 ROUNDTABLE SEMINARS 13.30 -17.00 (Parallel seminars)


1. Medling som konfliktlösning: en outnyttjad resurs? (only in Swedish)

                          Chair: Maritha Jacobsson

2. Challenges and prospects in social work with child protection in vulnerable families – political ambitions, aims and reality.

                          Chair: Katarina Alexius & Siv-Britt Björktomta


3. Betydelser av sociala perspektiv i funktionshinderforskning? (only in Swedish)

                           Chair: Kristina Engwall

Day 2: Tuesday 16 November

8.45 Cesar´s doctoral students:  Summing up yesterday and introducing the day´s guests.

    (Doctoral students: Stina Lindegren & Sivan Gal Rosberg)

9.00 Keynote speaker: Professor Malcom Payne, UK
"Citizenship, older adults, social work and social care"

9.45 Commentator: Professor Finnur Magnusson, Malmö University
"Social work and social care for adults in later life in the light of longevity. A Swedish example."


10.45 Keynote speaker: Professor Lena Dominelli, UK  
"Greening social work in a globalising world: Responding to the environmental challenges of the 21st century"

11.30 Commentator: Professor Pernilla Ouis, Halmstad University College
"Sustainable Social Work and Environmental Justice in the Global North"


ROUNDTABLE SEMINARS 13.30 -17.00 (Parallel seminars)


4. How can interactional research contribute to developing professional practice?

                      Chair: Marie Flinkfeldt & Clara Iversen

5. Decision making practices in gerontological social work

                      Chair: Anna Olaison & Elin Nilsson


6. Socialt arbete med olika kategorier unga lagöverträdare – hinder och möjligheter i framtidens socialtjänst (only in Swedish)

                      Chair: Michael Tärnfalk

7. Våld i nära relationer – aktuellt läge, utmaningar och möjligheter i framtida forskning (only in Swedish)

                      Chair: Josefin Kjellberg, Stina Lindegren & Ann-Sofie Bergman

Day 3: Wednesday 17 November

8.45 Cesar´s doctoral students: Summing up yesterday and introducing the day´s guests.

     (Doctoral students: Frida Höglund & Henrik Karlsson)

9.00 Keynote speaker: Professor Elizabeth Stokoe, UK
"Why it matters to talk about talk: Conversation analysis and the study of institutional interaction."

9.45 Commentator: Associate professor Karin Osvaldsson, Linköpings universitet
"Talking about talk in Social work: Three examples from a Swedish context."


10.45 Panel discussion:  ”Challenges and prospects in social work” – the new normal

Moderator: Stina Fernqvist

12.00 Closing speech
Joakim Palme, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University
Cesar´s Director, Conference Chair: Conclusion and Thanks!



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